Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool

Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool 4.8

Increases the download speed from slow sources for the Ares P2P program

Ares Galaxy Acceleration Tool is a traffic accelerator that speeds up downloads on P2P sites by up to 300%. Working on the TCP/IP protocol, this application will usually optimize traffic by acting as a gateway between your network equipment and the P2P program. This utility ensures that bandwidth is used to the maximum to download any desired files, from MP3s to the different videos available on the web today. The utility is distributed at no cost and does not come with any adware or tracking code. Any downloaded files are automatically cleaned leaving the system free from clutter. In addition, it supports resumption of downloads that have been paused or when a connection has been lost. It can also be configured to run at start-up allowing it to be set to complete downloads at set intervals.

Like other download accelerators, it supports downloads from multiple sources and user-specified addresses thereby increasing download speeds even on fairly slow connections. The premium version offers some extra functionality.

David Gitonga
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  • Supports multiple downloads
  • Supports resuming downloads


  • The premium version has more features
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